All Out Mutiny - OFFICIAL - Trade Routes EP available now!

Release date: 06-24-2016

17-minute blistering attack of Groove Metal/Thrash/Hardcore Punk. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Kelly Nunn and Craig Blackwell in St. Petersburg, FL, Trade Routes is the sophomore EP to All Out Mutiny’s debut entitled “Cures: In Case Of Witches.

  1. River Rat Bastard All Out Mutiny 3:25
  2. The Great Quiet (feat. Craig Blackwell) All Out Mutiny 4:00
  3. Obstructionist All Out Mutiny 3:21
  4. Cursory Glances (feat. Kelly Nunn) All Out Mutiny 2:56
  5. Moon Shines All Out Mutiny 3:28